exceptional encryption for everyone

exceptional encryption for everyone

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New versions released

We have released surespot version 65 on Android and 12 on iOS.

We have made changes to our API that are unfortunately not backwards compatible so users will need to upgrade to the new version of surespot to read messages sent with it. There may be a short (4 hour ish window) where the new version is not available for you yet, but is for others who are sending you messages using it. Please be patient and allow some time for Google and Apple to propagate the new version.

Version 64 was short lived as there was a bug on some devices that caused surespot to crash on startup. If you are having this issue on v64 the workaround is to logout of surespot then "clear local cache" from the login screen menu.

This is mainly an interim release to enable a smooth transition to version 66/13, which will be in beta shortly. Version 65 will be the last version to support Gingerbread, and we will be phasing it out after several weeks.

The 66/13 release will have Free Voice Messaging, and include the following new features:

  • Background sending (close app and message/image/voice continues to send). (Android)
  • Choose your own notification LED color. (Android)
  • Optionally press enter to send. (Android/iOS).

The 66/13 release will also be talking to servers equipped with a new back end with upgrades to socket.io and other node libraries we use which will provide the foundation for implementing the rest of the road map.

Beta testing.

Android: Click here to become a beta tester! - make sure you sign up from your Play Store account. You will then receive beta releases via the play store.

Apple (iOS): Send an email to beta@surespot.me to participate in the next iOS beta version. Type "beta" in email subject line and we will send you the link to participate when we release the next beta version.

Thank you for supporting surespot!