exceptional encryption for everyone

exceptional encryption for everyone

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Seeking Volunteer Beta Testers!

We'd Love Your Feedback

Android: Click here to become a beta tester! - make sure you sign up from your Play Store account. You will then receive beta releases via the play store.

Apple (iOS): Send an email to beta@surespot.me to participate in the next iOS beta version. Type "beta" in email subject line and we will send you the link to participate when we release the next beta version.

Android version 63 is in beta right now. What to Expect:
  • Re-register for push notifications.
  • Fix white notifications on some lollipop devices.
  • Fix bad package on some gingerbread devices.
  • Fix menus on gingerbread.

The next Android (NOTE: this will be the last version that supports Gingerbread) and iOS versions will have Free Voice Messaging, and include the following new features:

  • Background sending (close app and message/image/voice continues to send). (Android)
  • Send multiple images at once. (Android/iOS)
  • Choose your own notification LED color. (Android)
  • Optionally press enter to send. (Android/iOS)
  • And more.

Then...Group Chat!

Thank you for your support!

surespot management team-
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