exceptional encryption for everyone

exceptional encryption for everyone

Friday, May 16, 2014

our first birthday

May 16, 2014

Surespot encrypted messenger celebrates one year of encrypting image, text and voice messages

When surespot was released just one year ago, the world was not yet aware of who Edward Snowden was. The co-founders Cherie and Adam didn't need the coming revelations of PRISM and DISHFIRE to understand that there was a need for easy to use, always-on encryption for electronic communications. “Some people claimed they had nothing to hide to which we would reply, then send me your bank pin number over text message.” The negative reaction was telling, we all knew deep down that electronic communications were not secure and now thanks to Snowden we know why we felt that way.

To regain that privacy surespot was created. All image, text and voice messages are encrypted on the users phone or tablet using 256 bit AES-GCM encryption which is exceptionally strong. surespot usernames are not identified with your phone number or email address and you can have multiple identities on a single device to keep matters separated. Identities can also exist on multiple devices simultaneously so you can carry on a conversation on your phone then move to your tablet and in the future- your desktop. Surespot users must invite other users using an invitation link or by scanning a QR code instead of pilfering your contact book and automatically associating you with everyone. This gives you the opportunity to ignore, block and even delete a friendship putting you back in control.

Consumer trust has been tested in this era of security breaches and data mining so the surespot creators made all of the surespot encrypted messenger code open source. This way anyone can examine the inner workings and verify that surespot works exactly the way it claims to and that there are no backdoors.

Surespot is free to use with in-app purchases unlocking extra features like voice messaging and the soon to be released encrypted group chat. Cherie and Adam simply ask you to pay what you like for the service. You can also contribute by providing code, translating (currently available in French, German, Spanish, English and Italian) and telling others about this encrypted replacement for mobile messaging.

“We wanted organic and sustainable growth so we have relied on our loyal fans to spread the word and in turn we implement their suggestions and provide personal customer service. On this anniversary we are happy to announce that 13 million messages have been sent by our 130 000 worldwide users.”

Surespot encrypted messenger is available for Android on Google Play and iOS on the App Store.

You can find out more about how surespot works on the website- www.surespot.me

You can follow us on Twitter- @surespot